I freaking love Movies, here are some of my all time favorites that I would recommend to anyone!

  1. InceptionThis is a super deep movie about the subconscious mind and the powers it possesses, along with Leonardo DiCaprio AND Joseph Gordon Levitt, how could you not love this? This movie will make you think and if you’re going to watch a movie, you’ll really get something out of this one.
  2. Yogi BearI saw this movie in theaters and made sure to see it again once it came out on DVD, this movie is fantastic. It also has T.J. Miller, which is an automatic 10 star rating.
  3. The Big ShortSo much to learn from one movie about our economy and what happened when the stock market crashed in 2008. This movie is basically a campaign for Bernie Sanders, and has personally inspired me to take an Economics course at my college, this is a huge influence on me.
  4. Spotlight. This is a movie about how the Boston Globe uncovered one of the largest Church scandals in history, incredible movie.
  5. Interstellar. Fantastic movie about space colonization, and surfaces on the concept of relativity.
  6. 10 Cloverfield LaneI had really low expectations for this movie given the first Cloverfield was a train wreck, but this movie was insane. I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie!
  7. Schindler’s List This is a movie telling the story of the holocaust from the side of a Nazi that doesn’t believe in their motives. Incredibly powerful and a wonderful example of  story telling.
  8. The Wolf of Wall StreetThe story of how Jordan Belfort twisted the stock market and made millions. Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill, amazing combination.
  9. ZootopiaThis is a animated masterpiece. If you care about social justice, or want to know anything about it, watch this movie. Fantastic themes and characters!
  10. Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along BlogA story of the status quo being bent to the will of a genius. Neil Patrick Harris and singing, pure bliss.