Reading books is a totally important part of bettering yourself. When in doubt, or if you have downtime, read. Only more information can come from it! Create a reading ritual that works for you, and commit to it! If you’re struggling with what to read or need some guidance, here is a list of books I recommend:

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Master the 7 habits discussed in this book, and you’ll be living a life of luxury and fulfillment!
  2. The 4 Hour Work Week. The book that inspired me to pursue Passive Income. Great book to get you off your butt and doing something.
  3. Managing Oneself. In order to make anything happen in your life, you have to first learn how to manage yourself. This is a great quick read, jam packed with a ton of vital information.
  4. Life Mastery. If you don’t know where to start with self-development, or you’re at rock bottom in your life, this is a great read.
  5. The Highest Tide. I had to read this for my English 101 class, and it was fantastic. I almost hate that I had to read it for college because it gives it a bad stigma in my mind.