I LOVE MUSICAL THEATRE. It’s by far the most challenging performing art I do, but also incredibly rewarding. The feeling of just owning it on the stage, belting out notes, and influencing people through your acting is amazing. I plan to keep doing Musical Theatre throughout college, and hopefully beyond even that! When it comes to Musical Theatre I struggle to find people to look up to, as I’m not up to date always checking on broadwayworld.com, but I do have one person that I definitely look up to. His name is Matthew Sythandone! He graduated from my High School a year before me and he is a stunning performer. He’s what you call a “triple threat” who can Act, Dance, and Sing. That is so sought after, and he’s amazing at all of those. He is now currently studying Musical Theatre at Cornish College of the Arts, I encourage you to check out his Facebook Page, Click HereHe’s definitely going places and I find it inspiring to follow him on his journey!

My Musical Theatre Experience:

  • Bullfrog, Honk! The Musical, Mountlake Terrace High School 2016. This role was incredibly fun. It was a perfect role for me going in, and I had such a great time pulling off this performance! Bullfrog was a foolishly optimistic, HILARIOUS, frog that showed The Ugly Duckling that he could be anything he wanted, and that hope is still out there. I had a big number that had  solo, duet, and ensemble parts inside it titled “Warts and All” I came from being in the musical my Junior Year, having a non-singing role, to having my own number and belting on stage. I’ll never forget this role that I played my senior year, it’s one for the books! 
  • Cigar & Georgie, Gypsy The Musical, Mountlake Terrace High School 2016.  I had a great time with these characters. They were both pretty small, non-singing roles that I got to craft into whatever I wanted! Me, being the cringe-worthy individual I am, did a Boston Accent, and it was amazing.

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