Improvisation has changed my life. I know it will change your life too, if you let it! The pure joy it brings to my life is unmatched by anything I’ve ever experienced. I have published an eBook that is super short, and super powerful that will revolutionize your life. This book teaches you how to apply improvisational concepts to your life to live an eventful and luxurious social life, literally boredom will become non-existent! I challenge you to read my book and add another tool to your tool belt.

I got into Improv in a intricate way; My freshman year of High School I dropped Geometry because I had already done it in 8th grade and I had to take a different class. Honestly, I was so burnt out with my education, all I wanted was an easy A. My counselor said “there’s a Beginning Drama class” and I took that right opportunity hot off of the grill. I then replaced my Geometry class with a period where I basically just messed around acting and doing Improv. Let me tell you, I was a depressed little freshman, and that class lit a flame under my butt. I found passion which was almost, dare I say, foreign to me. The class was a semester long, and I was super anxious about it ending because I feared falling back into that abyss of depression that tended to consume me so I reached out to my teacher. She told me that there was this thing called “Theatre Sports” which is basically competitive Improv! Can you believe that’s a thing? Anyways, she told me we had a Theatre Sports team, and that auditions were coming up. I then went to auditions and there were so many people there auditioning, I was sure I wasn’t going to make it. I mean I had only taken an Improv class, and there were only 3 spots. This was important; My mindset going in was that why not just give it my all and have fun, who cares if I make it or not. Later that night I got a call that I made the team!

Looking back, I’m so happy I made the team, and I owe so much to that. It really got me started on the amazing path of performing. Fast forward to today, I am now on my 3rd Year and I’m the Theatre Sports Team Captain.

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  • Currently the Theatre Sports Team Captain at Mountlake Terrace High School
  • Unexpected Productions “Womb Escape” 2014
  • Improv Night with High Steaks @ The Pocket
  • Unexpected Productions Improv Classes – Level 100 & 200

My Favorite Games:

  • Narrative Collage. Tell a story through the perspective of an inanimate object.
  • Movie Critic. 3 Part scene in the form of a movie, after every part the movie critic gives their thoughts and can drive the scene through foreshadowing. At the end of the scene the critic gives their overall review and gives it a rating .
  • Time Jump. A scene where you have a time jumper that can go through time at their will, super wacky game.
  • Genres. A really short scene with a beginning, middle, end, and then repeated in 3 different genres. I typically take a Time Period, Book Genre, and Movie Genre.
  • Question Period. Open ended scene with a twist; at any point during the scene a member of the audience can clap their hands and say “question period” and ask any character in the scene any question. Usually the questions are used to help progress the story forward.