So you KNOW about Yes And, but are you APPLYING it?

The door is open and all you have to do is walk through it by saying yes.

Hey. I hope that you’re at a point in your life where opportunities are flying at you nearly every single minute! If that isn’t the case, well then I hate to tell you this but you’re simply wrong. Yes, I know “Me, wrong? Donald Trump, actually a Republican Presidential Nominee? Yeah right” My mission here is to convince you,that you are in fact wrong. Opportunities are all around you, it’s really not a problem of how many interior-790330_640.pngopportunities are presented to you, but rather the light in which you see them in. 

This is a crude fact of reality that I still struggle with from time to time. For example, a friend will ask to hang out and I’ll make an excuse. This is the most relevant example I use in life, where I complain that I don’t have many friends, yet I don’t hang out with them because of multiple bullshit excuses. I’m tired of doing this, and I’m now living by a new rule to conduct my endeavors by; If there’s even a slight chance of making it, or doing something with someone, I’m doing it. This is an excellent way to get out of that damp, moist comfort zone of horrible things.

This is why I leverage improvisation above all else, these little things to think about that can have absolutely outstanding results. Instead of sitting on your butt working hard on your business, you could be out there drinking a beer with an old high school friend at some random bar! Do you see the power behind this? I really hope you’re on the same page as me. There’s this song called “Black is the color of my true loves hair” and you want to know what black is? Saying yes to every opportunity that is presented to you that won’t kill you.

I’ve actually heard people say things along the lines of “Not every opportunity is for me man” and while that may hold true, that’s not even relevant because you’re barely seizing any opportunities, if any. Putting in work is saying yes guys, it’s so easy to say no, it really is. Finding a reason to say yes pays off more than drinking a gallon of water a day for a year. If that doesn’t convince I have one final push; This beautiful  quote from Tina Fey that rings around in my head literally 100+ times a day “Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterward.” Isn’t that the answer right there? If I had to choose one quote to live my life by, this one is damn close. It’s just behind “My heart soars with the eagles nest” from Michael Scott.

Yes is the simplest of pleasures. It really is. So if you’re an improviser and you’re not using this principle, or if you just learned about it, use it for the love of god. Don’t leave the life you could have had on the table by saying no.

Thanks for reading this blog post!

Improv Mindset Toolkit:

Use this toolkit to develop a mindset that shows no care, and shows you how to connect with anyone instantly.


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