September Monthly Goals!

Summer is over, finally. You’d think summer would be a great time, but honestly I had far too much free time to do things that didn’t align with my purpose. It was a great time to strengthen bad, harmful habits.

Throughout summer I really didn’t do much with blogging, goal setting, youtube videos, or anything of that nature. That is something that I will figure out, I just need to be a better content producer on a level of being able to pull out my laptop where ever I am, and post it. Once I learn that skill, I will get SO much more done! I’m excited to master that within the coming years.

For now, let’s set these goals for September! Hopefully you know how this works, if not I’m sure you’ll catch on. This month I’m going to try and limit it to 2 goals per category, so I’m not spread so thin.

Let’s do this:


  1. Write 3 Blog Posts a Week; 1 Whatever I want, 1 Having to do with Improvisation, and 1 with Focus on Helping Others.
  2. Produce 3 Youtube Videos per Week; 1 Improvisation, 1 With a Tip that is Helping me, and 1 Business oriented.

Health and Fitness:

  1. Absolutely No Fast Food for An Entire Month.
  2. Workout at Least 8 Minutes a Day, Regardless if I have Access to Gym or Not.

Lifestyle and Growth:

  1. Complete Tai Lopez’s VIP Lifestyle Training Program, Responding to Each Question in Every Video.
  2. Sign Up for An Improv 300 Class at Unexpected Productions and Continue to Pursue my Passion for Improv.


  1. Do at least 3 Chores Everyday at Dad’s House, without Having to Be Asked; SHOW GRATITUDE.
  2. Seriously Research Housing Options for $400.00 or Under in the Greater Seattle Area and Get Closer to Moving Out.


There it is! The monthly goals. I decided to really let it flow this time while goal setting, trying to make each one as specific and empowering as possible. I’m not going to be politically correct when it comes to setting goals, I’m going to experiment, and find the way that works best for me.

Something that I wanted to let everyone know is that I’ve officially moved out of my Mom’s house as of August 29th. This was a decision that I’d been pondering over for awhile, and it was mainly because there was a building tension between my mom and myself. I stopped being respectful, I wasn’t appreciating all she was doing for me, honestly, I was being an unappreciative shithead. I should’ve been kicked out, but my Mom seriously loves me to much to do that and I could see I was hurting her more than she could take, or that I could myself. It had to be stopped, so I moved out. At the moment, I’m at my Dad’s house and I’m guessing I’ll stay here a lot of the time, but I also put a futon in my car with a blanket so that I never have to go back. That environment was toxic for me and was mending me into a really, really bad person. I’m done with it. “But Sage, you still love your mom right?” Yes. Of course I do. I just know that it’s best for the both of us that I don’t go back for a very long time.

So the plan is to really get a place to live for myself, wether it’s a micro studio that I can barely afford by myself, or I have 7 roommates, I’m going to make it happen. Within a year, hopefully 6 months, I will be living on my own. I’ve been blessed with a job that got me a step closer to being able to support myself, and that’s how I know it will happen.

So here’s to September and making it happen! Create the life you want.

Theme of the Month: Minimalism and Momentum. What does that mean to you?

The Improv Mindset Toolkit 2.0 is released! Get it here to get a hold of your life ->

One thought on “September Monthly Goals!

  1. Mindy Cameron says:

    Great goals, Sage, but be sure it’s not too many and you really focus on most important ones. Good that you have moved. I love the gratitude goal for staying at your dad’s. Wishing you success in your more job. Love you. Nana.


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