August – Devastation, Relaxation, and Wishy Washy

Hey everyone! I’d love to start this off on a very unfortunate note. So as some of you may know, I’ve been writing a book on Improvisation. I had poured my heart into this book, and it was one of the first products that I was seriously proud of, and that I thought had the potential to change lives! I was almost finished with the book. I only had to write an introduction and conclusion, and then I was DONE. Well, not so fast, my computer broke and I lost the entire file. “But Sage, surely you backed it up or put it on a cloud program!” Nope. That thought never crossed my mind. Going into this blog post, I was going to propose that we boycott all Lenovo products and destroy their company for producing such promising laptops, but that come with such emotional baggage. Then, out of nowhere this thought hit me: I’m a moron. I’m an absolute moron. Who, this day in age, doesn’t back up their files? Surely nobody is that incompetent! False, I am. I cannot believe how badly I’ve messed this up, and the worst part is there really is nowhere to point my finger to. So with that in mind, I’m so sorry, but I will not be releasing any books anytime soon as I hoped I would. I really wet the bed on this one. After all this happening (losing the book I’ve been working on for 5 months) I ask myself; what now? What is the project to focus on, what do I put my energy towards? I’m drowning in a sea of information overload and too many paths to choose from. But you know what, I’ll figure it out. 

So given that, August certainly will not go down as a great month. That was the devastation phase of this month, complete and utter devastation.

The next part of this month, I call relaxation. This month, I’ve been just laying around, playing games, not doing much.

I went to my grandparents cabin, in Sandpoint Idaho for 5 days and had a great time. I played cards, went cliff jumping, swimming, and tubing. It was a great vacation, away from most of my stress. I got time to bond with family, and more significantly my Dad and my Brother over this past month. My Dad’s been supporting me with advice, and a head to talk to about anything and everything. He’s paving the path and warning me of bumps along to road to be cautious of. 

My brother is starting his freshman year of high school, and he’s been stressed out. He’s definitely not the most expressive person on the block, which can make it harder to really connect with him, but somehow we have this month. I think we’re finally over the “being annoyed with each other” stage and to the actual brother stage. Supporting each other and helping each other out, and it’s kickass. 

So on one hand, that is the power of relaxation right there, better bonding and more time with family. However there is also a downside, not much content or assets have been produced. I take that as a big problem. I was focused this month on writing my book, and that’s gone so I wasted all of my production time, and ended up producing nothing. That isn’t great, and it drives me up a freaking wall knowing that. 

On top of that, my laptop broke, so I lost all of the Kindle eBooks I had writers produce for me. 700$ down the drain. Thanks Sage for being more dumb than a bag of rocks. Useless. I find harping on myself about my mistakes to be comforting. 

It’s important to remember that September is a new month to be the person I ought to be. 

The final phase of this month is something I call being Wishy-washy. This is essentially sitting on the fence, not making a decision. It’s a great recipe if you want to be a mediocre person and get nothing done, but that’s not my goal. I want to actually do something with my life. I’m so tired of being average and just letting the wave of life take me where ever it pleases. I’ve been contemplating between different options of what to do, all the while I’m losing time. Don’t forget that time is much more valuable than ideas ever will be. Act on idea as soon as possible, even if it’s a stupid one. 

Going into the months ahead I need to stop consuming so much junk information, and start doing more. Just begin to write, and keep on writing, working, and doing. I must only consume the best of the best information, that is relevant to myself and my goals. 

September is going to be a month full of intention and work. I’m ready, are you?

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One thought on “August – Devastation, Relaxation, and Wishy Washy

  1. Mindy Cameron says:

    In September no more beating up on yourself. Back up to the cloud, and a thumb drive. You’ve got a job – two jobs? – and will be able to buy a new laptop. Loved your remarks about family vacation, especially on Riley. Keep writing! Love you, Nana


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